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Education is the trump card.

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Our Vision

To evolve models of meaningful, relevant & holistic education for communities that currently have limited access, specifically women, youth and adolescents.

Our Mission

Over the next 5 years, we aim to train 5,000 youth and women to be self-aware and access sustainable livelihood opportunities 

“Education is freedom" - Paulo Freire

Our Communities


At 25%, the female labour force participation rate in India is one of the lowest in the world. The percentage of women entrepreneurs is an abysmal 14% and in the next generation, 45% young women are not in education, employment or training. We believe that education and economic empowerment hold the key to improving the quality of life of women in India.

Key Interventions

Women Start

Entrepreneurship Training with incubation support

Women Work

Technical Training with placement assistance.

Women Lead

Leadership Training for women wanting to step into or move ahead in  the workforce.

Women Learn

Online & Blended Learning Platform with content & UI customized exclusively for women with limited literacy.

Among women from low-income households, 85 % have not gone to college & more than
50 % have not completed grade 10.  Our focus is on them.

Youth & Adolescents

India's growth story hinges on its large youth population, with 65% of Indians being under 35 years old.
But only 5% of these youth are formally skilled and more than half of youth will leave secondary school without acquiring the skills needed for a decent job. They are also aware of just 7 out of the 250 career pathways available. Additionally, they are unable to access relevant employment opportunities with 90% of colleges not having fully functioning placement cells.

Key Interventions


Future Skills Training

Career Guidance & Mentoring


Placement Linked Training


Entrepreneurship Training


We are happy to support organisations in designing, planning & implementing their education and skill development programs.






Marketing & Communications.png

Marketing & Communications

Mobilisation Campaigns

Proposal & Report Writing

External & Internal Communications







Capacity Building.png

Capacity Building

Training of Trainers

Team Upskilling & Retreats

Travel Exposure Workshops

Who We Are

Having worked together in the development space as a team for the last many years, we decided to start up an initiative to deepen our work in education for the under-served communities. And as we do that - we hope to build an organisation that reflects the values that we three share - Joy, Excellence and Generosity. Ikka Learning is a platform for this endeavour.

Meet the Team


+91 94904 40017


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